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Divine appointment with "Richard." Well, I had $10.50 in my pocket and that's all-lol. (But I'm not worried, God will provide- He alwaus does) I met a man named "Richard" at a McDonald's we stopped at a while ago while passing through Columbus. He's the happiest mentally disabled 60 year old man I've ever met! He was just so humble and loving. He gave me a card with his name, address, and phone nu...

mber on it. He said he doesn't ask for much in life bc he know that God provides but that he needed a size 4x sweatshirt, a hat and a pair of gloves. He also needed a DVD player. That $10.50 I had to my name, God told me to buy that sweater, hat and gloves for Richard. The clothing cost $10.50. And I had an extra DVD player at home just sitting in my storage closet. This morning I drove up to see Richard in Columbus. You wouldn't believe the look on Richards face when I told him that without a doubt, God sent me to answer his prayer!!!! It was a most incredible way to spend the little money that God blessed me with!!! God just continues to bless my life like crazy!!!!


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