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Wow, how life has totally happened! It's been a year now since I met my future husband. He couldn't possibly be more amazing. He's everything I ever hoped for, and more. For once in my life, I have love, true- genuine love like I imagined when I was a little girl. No, it's not like a fairy tale. I didnt lose a glass slipper and he returned it. Nor did I eat a poisened apple, and his magic kiss woke me from deep sleep. It's better than that. He's my best friend, my soul mate, the half that makes my heart whole. This happy-ever-after is for real. It's like every single one of his strengths is my weakness, and each one of my strengths is his weakness. We have this incredible check and balance in our relationship. He is assertive and driven, I am shy and unsure. He is easy to anger and impatient, I am calm and very patient. Never, did I imagine that a guy I met at a bar one night while I was out dancing, would become the love of my life. When I saw him that night, I knew there was just something about him I couldn't let slip away.  It wasn't his athletic body, or his glistening smile. It wasn't the way he made me laugh, or the way he was just so interesting, I couldn't stop listening to him. It was his tender eyes that addicted me. There was just something that sparkled in them, something that encompased me. A year later, after the ups and the downs, I still see that tender look in his eyes. A year later, I am even more in love with him that when we first met. A year later, my son calls him "Daddy" and he reponds, "Yes son." A year later, I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about him. A year later, I still melt when he kisses me. A year later, I still jump into his arms when he returns home from being away. Sometimes when he's sitting across from me, I love to just stare at him. I am in just in awe that this amazing, incredibly attractive, romantic, caring, driven man stole me heart and gave me his instead. You know, when you're a little girl- you dream of the day you find your soulmate. You play it over and over again in your head, planning each moment perfectly. Then one day, at just the right time- love blinds you, it captures you. And the romance you find is beyond magical-it's miraculous. Yeah, I'm head over heels in love with this fantastic man, and I'm undeniably spoiled by his love.  :) .

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